Paxton Net2 Entry
Paxton Net2 Entry System combines Audio and Video Intercom functionality with Door Access Control

Paxton Net2 Entry for visitor entry control combined with Door Access Control.

Either Stand-Alone or part of a Net2 Door Access Control System with IP and PoE (Power over Ethernet) Call panels and monitors.

Multiple call panels and multiple monitors, including premium concierge monitors can be combined for apartments or office receptions.

SIP compatible panels allow calls to be answered from a smart phone, Tablet or PC as well as from the monitor panel.

A Video voicemail facility is available for visitors.

Add an IP camera to the entrance integrated with the Net2system for added security.

The built in Proximity card reader responds to Paxton, Mifare and certain HID 125kHz credentials.

Mastiff is a Paxton approved installer so contact us with any new or existing Paxton queries.


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