Vanderbilt – ACT 365
ACT365 is a Cloud based access control system with no need for a PC or Server on site.

For access control set up and monitored from anywhere via the Web or using the ACT365 mobile app.

Single door controllers are linked to the internet via your LAN/WAN or a mobile router (in the case of remote access sites).

Each customer has their own cloud account which allows access to doors on their site or remote sites via a web browser or a dedicated app.

Set cardholder access rights using a PC, suitable Tablet or Smartphone.

Open or lock doors remotely.

Get Muster reports or Attendance reports on your mobile device.

Property Management companies can look after access to client premises remotely.

Connect and Monitor IP cameras remotely.

Access control is provided as a service with a monthly subscription cost per door controller.

Mastiff has installed a number of these systems across the UK



Paxton Net2

Paxton Net2 is a simple to use network access control system designed around single door controllers and PC software …

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