50 Years of providing dependable installation and maintenance services for Access Control, ID Cards and CCTV.

Established as a Research Company in 1970, Mastiff designed and manufactured one of the first “Hands Free” pocket radio transmitter door access control systems.

Although our research and manufacturing came to an end in the 1980s, we now use our knowledge of technology and the industry to provide ACCESS CONTROL, ID CARD and CCTV solutions to commercial and public bodies of all types and sizes.

Health Sector
Mastiff has undertaken a variety of work with NHS and health care establishments to provide door access control systems, some combined with photo ID proximity cards for staff and contractors.
Education Sector
We have worked with schools and colleges to provide door entry audio and video intercoms, door access control systems, pupil logging systems and CCTV systems.
Commercial Sector
From small offices to multi-national corporates, Mastiff has provided Access Control and Monitoring solutions to suit the individual needs of each type of organisation.

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